We need more tissues… Oh no… Wait.

  • Move Mad

    I will heal either in a few months or in heaven ~RNN Continue reading

  • Pseudo Account

    I had an interesting experience with a close friend recently. It is not really interesting to any other person, other than myself, because equipped with certain eccentricities, I possess this incredible ability to overanalyse, and manipulate issues (and things-like, actual objects), often with a backing of humour and fun, rather than malice or anxiety. Thus,… Continue reading

  • Inconsistencies of School-learnt Science With What We Actually See

    Pangolins are mammals and they’re wholly covered with scales. A reptile that identifies as a mammal? Don’t you feel that scales are the most reptile thing ever?Copperheads is a species of snakes that gives birth rather than lays eggs.Why are bats mammals that fly, and penguins birds that don’t? Whales are mammals? In water? Why?… Continue reading

  • Wondering about The Calendar

    This is a summary of my stream of thoughts regarding why we seem to have dismissed the time before the Birth of Christ, going as far as overwriting years that already existed by giving them new identities (BC) How do they know BC dates? Like, how do they write history using BC, yet they didn’t… Continue reading

  • 004

    My Writer is not their normal self today. They are short with me, not in a unkind way. This is their I-have-lots-of-important-things-to-do demeanour. I do my ‘Why So Serious’ bit, then they tell me that if I were to continue to lollygag and dillydally as I always do, they would have no choice but to-… Continue reading

  • 003

    My Writer tells me that I have been a bit distant of late, so they were unable to approach me. They’re trying to explain the absence of work from the desks. My Writer says they’re nervous. They feel like life keeps getting better and worse, and each year has been their best and the worst… Continue reading

  • 002

    Because My Writer thought that by now their heart would have ceased to ache That their dehydrated, hungry husk of a body would have found re-nourishment That new life would have emerged from the embers of My Writer’s crushed and burnt soul That by this time, My Writer would have learnt to dance again the… Continue reading

  • 001

    I always think it is a bit strange how my writer closes themselves off to receiving, when they are not giving to themselves at that moment. Like, as an example, they reject love, when they are not loving themselves. My writer seems to think that charity strictly begins at home, so then when my writer’s… Continue reading

  • 000

    Many times, my writer wanted to write, but their site template always prompts them to give what they are about to write, a title, first. This almost always gets in the way of my writer making progress. This is a very subtle need for control and organisation. Organization can save you, as well as impede… Continue reading

  • .?

    Sometimes my grief is quiet… I sit in silence for days. Barely saying a word. Lost in loss of thoughts. Hours go by faster than how they used to. I find that I have to consciously remember to unclench my jaw. And lick my lips. It is very quiet in my head. And it doesn’t… Continue reading

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Writing helps me cry! Keeping secrets even from yourself is probably the biggest flex ever. I seem to do that a bit too effortlessly. I love it,keeps things interesting!